• Date
    2022.01.10 18:00 ( UTC+8 )
  • Target game
    Knives Out
  • Rules
    Battle Royale
  • Live wire
About BET

Participating Teamsteams

  • XeNo
  • Flora
  • αD Vogel
    αD Vogel
  • FL Mantis
    FL Mantis
  • FL Hornet
    FL Hornet
  • ASG祝祭
  • GILL
  • BGおやすみ
  • AzB ArowZ
    AzB ArowZ
  • Ebroz Gaming Apostel666
    Ebro'z Gaming Apostel666
  • 討伐軍
  • 玥下
  • AVALON Gaming TEAM &RD
    AVALON Gaming TEAM &RD
  • モブ吉家
  • 家に帰る
  • Abiding Glory
    Abiding Glory
  • ESM
  • Jwl
About Gifting

Tournament historyhistory

Please note that it may take some time for the results to be reflected.
It may take some time for the results to be reflected.

  • About BET

    You can bet on the winner of a game by spending the points you have.
    Each game has its own betting card, and you earn points based on the odds of winning.
    80% of the betting money goes back to the user, 15% goes to the winner, and 5% goes to operating costs.

  • Competitions available for BET

    The Libes platform only allows betting on tournaments before they are held.
    You will be able to BET when it appears in the list of scheduled events.
    Selecting "BET" will take you to the tournament information page.

  • Team Odds

    Each team in the tournament has its own odds.
    The odds fluctuate as you participate in the tournament.

  • BET cards

    There are several patterns of BET cards.
    After selecting the card you want to put points on, you can BET by selecting the team and the number of points.

  • About Gifting

    You can spend the points you have to giveaway points to teams and players.

  • About gifting

    Select the player you want to gifu in the tournament or in the competition room, and then enter the number of points you want to gifu.

  • Teams and players

    You can give gifts on the team page and player page.