About Libes points


The Libes platform will include entry, gifting, and NFT store capabilities.

Entrants can expect to win or lose the tournament and experience the same level of tension as players, gifts can be given to support their favorite players and teams, and the purchase of original NFTs for players and teams.

To do entry / gifting

We plan to introduce the Libes point system when using the Libes platform.
The Libes platform allows entry and gifting using points.

About entry

Users can use their points and use the entry function.
We prepare an entry card for each tournament. If the entry card hits the mark, you can earn points according to the fan turnout.
80% of the points entered will be returned to the user, 15% will be the reward for the winning player, and the remaining 5% will be the operating expenses.

About competitions available for entry

The entry function can only be used for official Libes competitions.
From the competitions displayed in the list of competitions to be held, select the competitions that are available for entry. After that, you can proceed with the entry on the competition information page.

About Fan Voter Turnout

Each participating team has a status called fan approval rating.
The fan approval rate varies depending on the number of entries. The points you use x your fan approval rating is the reward you receive after hitting the target.

About entry cards

Since the entry contents differ depending on the target game of the competition, several patterns are prepared. You can create an entry card by predicting the winning team and choosing how many points to use.

Points after the match result

If your entry card hits the mark, you can earn rewards based on the number of points multiplied by the fan approval rating. Since multiple entry cards can be created, the combination is infinite.

About Gifting

Gifting is a function to support the activities of players and teams by using their own points. In order to support the activities of players and teams, Libes does not charge any fees for gifting.

About Gifting

You can select a team in a tournament, game distribution, or match room, enter the number of points, and then give a gift.

Teams and players

Even if you are not participating in a tournament, game distribution, or match room, you can give gifts at any time on the Team Players page. Let's find and support the team and players we cheered for on the Libes platform.